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  • Melissa Lipari

A Pedacito of "More Than Q" in Lambertville, New Jersey

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

I’ve always loved BBQ-style food. Something about gooey mac and cheese with a pulled pork sandwich gives me a comfort that I can’t explain. I suppose that’s why they call them comfort foods in the first place - they bring a sense of nostalgia that you can’t get anywhere else.

BBQ food reminds me of the cookouts that we used to have with family and friends every summer. Before COVID, we would gather around the grill at my aunt’s house and make classic American favorites. I had yet to find a restaurant that encompassed the same delicious food and homey ambiance until I first stepped foot in More Than Q.

More Than Q offers delicious food and homey ambiance
More Than Q offers delicious food and homey ambiance

More Than Q has two locations in New Jersey: Lambertville and Princeton. With one in Easton, PA as well. The original spot is located in Lambertville - just across the bridge from the historic town of New Hope, a place that I recently shared a pedacito of. I came across the Lambertville location while on a hike in eastern Pennsylvania.

My boyfriend and I were hiking at Goat Hill Overlook, a magnificent trail that showcases the Deleware River and PA mountains. It’s a few minutes from New Hope and Lambertville, so we figured we would grab some lunch in one of these towns after our workout. On a sunny Saturday in July, it was nearly impossible to find an open table anywhere. After scouring New Hope for a place to rest and get some water, we decided to venture into Lambertville, which was uncharted territory at the time.

A gigantic pulled pork sandwich at More Than Q after hiking at Goat Hill Overlook in the PA mountains
A gigantic pulled pork sandwich at More Than Q after hiking at Goat Hill Overlook in the PA mountains

We saw More Than Q nestled in the small town and decided to try our luck. The restaurant is less like a formal dining set-up - you simply order your food at the front and wait for it to be ready. No servers, no fancy napkins, no tablecloths - just picnic tables and loads of paper towels.

The no-frills atmosphere was just what we needed after walking around in the heat. We ordered some pulled chicken and pork sandwiches with some iced teas and waited to dig in. Upon the first bite, we knew we had stumbled upon an absolute star of a restaurant. It’s now our go-to joint for lunch when we’re in the New Hope or Lambertville area.

Last summer, a new location opened in Princeton - just 20 minutes from our hometown. We were thrilled to have another spot to enjoy this amazing food, but also to hear how successful this business was becoming. I didn’t think that BBQ food could be emulated so well in the tri-state area, but More Than Q certainly made that possible. From the stand-out smoked meats to the delicious sides (like coleslaw and fried pickles), More Than Q is a slam dunk for Northeasterners.

The sauces are impeccable and can also be purchased by the bottle for at-home use. My personal favorite is the South Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce, it adds the perfect amount of heat and sweetness to your favorite sandwich. They even have vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat - but let’s be real - you’re not coming here for a kale salad.

More Than Q is a slam dunk for Northeasterners
More Than Q is a slam dunk for Northeasterners

The company is still relatively new, with the founder, Matt Martin, first opening More Than Q in 2014. It’s amazing that in just a few short years, this Texas-style restaurant was able to take the East Coast by storm. One thing the tri-state area was lacking was a good barbecued meal. It makes me so happy to know that there are innovators that want to bring different styles of food across the country.

When traveling somewhere new, the cuisine is always an aspect that brings me joy. Food brings people together, especially comfort foods. We can all relate to our love for smoked meats and fried side dishes. More Than Q brings that connection to an area that is not usually known for this type of cuisine. This restaurant is indeed more than just BBQ, it truly is an experience.


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