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Celebrating National Doctor's Day 2021

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Today is National Doctor’s Day! From the Pedacitos community, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for the healthcare professionals that worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, risking their lives to save so many. Today, we want to tell the story of this important day of recognition and its significance in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated by countries all over the world, but it's often on different days. For example, in the United States, we recognize the contributions of healthcare professionals on March 30th. Today is the official day for doctor appreciation in India, but in light of the pandemic, many countries are also recognizing this national day.

On July 1st, 1991, India celebrated the first National Doctor’s Day, which was created in honor of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy birth and contributions. Once the former West Bengal chief minister, he was also a renowned physician and a significant figure in establishing multiple health institutions. These include Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital, Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, and more.

This year, India’s National Doctor’s Day is being observed all over the world to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of healthcare professionals during the pandemic. While much of the globe has overcome the worst of COVID-19, many doctors and nurses continue to put their lives at risk to contain and protect the population.

The COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on healthcare systems around the world that weren’t prepared for the extremely high number of cases. The doctors and nurses were overworked, overwhelmed, and struggling for necessary resources to fight the pandemic, like PPE. Despite these conditions, healthcare professionals around the world still showed up to support the front lines and save as many lives as possible.

The reality is, the pandemic isn’t over yet and the demand for COVID-19-related healthcare hasn’t slowed. Luckily, there are many ways we can do our part to support healthcare professionals, such as:

  • Getting vaccinated

  • Following health protocols

  • Quarantining when sick

At Pedacitos Blog, we believe that as a community we have the power to create positive change in the world around us. By continuing to comply with health mandates and practicing proper social distancing, we can help control the spread of the virus and lessen the strain on our doctors and nurses.

Check our Storyteller Melissa's article about her mother's experience being a healthcare worker during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Michael Acevedo
Michael Acevedo
02 jul 2021

Hooray to doctors!

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