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Who We Are

We are an international community of curious Storytellers who share informational and inspirational stories with the world. We are on a mission to share stories that highlight the people and places that contribute to shaping the cultural identity of our communities.

Pedacitos, pronounced "peh-dah-see-toes"is a Spanish word that means “pieces” or “bits” and we use the word Pedacitos to describe our stories, which are short cultural bits. That’s why our slogan is “cultural bits from around the world” and why our logo is made up of small multi-colored pieces that form the letter “P”.

Our platform offers aspiring and established writers and photographers a space to share their work while helping local businesses, organizations, and individuals increase their brand’s reach and visibility through storytelling. 

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading online resource for hyperlocal travel and culture stories. We’ll achieve this by allowing our values of integrity, respect, diversity & inclusion, and innovation to guide our actions.


The Focus Of Our Stories

Every community is shaped largely by the diversity of its people and we want to share their stories. We spotlight the people, places, food, and art of our local communities to raise the awareness of travelers and locals. We are especially looking to amplify stories that highlight inclusivity, diversity, equity, accessibility, and sustainability.


Our people stories highlight the cultural diversity that exists among individuals. These include religion, ethnicity, national heritage, immigrants, refugees, sexual orientation, gender expression, and more.


Our places stories hone in on the natural and manmade elements that contribute to the cultural identity of a region. These include geography, attractions, national landmarks, and more.


Our food stories emphasize the role that ingredients, techniques, and traditions have in conveying cultural identity. These are the markets, restaurants, and more, that bring sustinance to the community.


Our art stories celebrate the many ways that culture is expressed. This includes music, dance, sculpture, theater, architecture, and so much more.


Celebrating The Change Makers

We use our platform to amplify the voices and causes of those making a real impact in our communities. We believe that there are five key IDEAS that should specifically be celebrated whenever possible.


Inclusivity is about finding ways to ensure that no one is left out, marginalized, or excluded. We want to highlight local businesses, organizations, and individuals who are as passionate about this as us.


Diversity among people exists through race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic, physical and mental ability, and more. We celebrate diversity in every possible way.


Equity is about creating the conditions that allow all people to reach their full potential. Opportunity is not equitable, and we want to amplify the voices and causes of those working to close the gap.


Accessibility acknowledges and addresses the differences in human physical and cognitive ability. We want to highlight those who work toward equality even when human ability may not be.


There are four primary categories of sustainability, which are human, social, economic, and environmental. We want to highlight the ways that our communities promote sustainability in one or more of these ways.


Michael Acevedo


Founder & President

Michael is a former Disney Imagineer who has worked on world class attractions bringing to life stories like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more! Having visited nearly 30 countries, Michael is an avid traveler who is passionate about immersing himself with the culture of the places he visits. 

His passion for storytelling and traveling inspired him to start Pedacitos Travel & Culture Blog! Michael hopes to inspire people to be proud of their culture and to be open to learning about the cultures of others. 


The Things We Value


Being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.


Feeling and showing due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.


Embracing everyone for who they are, regardless of what or why, and supporting them however we can.


Welcoming new ways of thinking and doing things, without judgment, and not being afraid to fail.


Pedacitos Travel & Culture Blog was founded in 2020 by Michael Acevedo. An avid traveler and lifelong learner, Michael wanted to share the beauty and lessons of travel with the world through the form of short stories. Additional Storytellers (writers) began joining the Pedacitos community and soon there were hundreds of travel-inspired stories written by people from all walks of life covering almost all continents!


Pedacitos Travel & Culture Blog is on a journey to dig deeper by sharing the stories of people who contribute to shaping the cultural identity of their communities. To do this, we are canvasing our neighborhoods in search of local businesses, organizations, and individuals who will allow us to share their personal stories with the world.

Our stories will become great resources for travelers and locals who are interested in discovering new places in these areas. In doing so, we will also be amplifying the voices and causes of individuals who are contributing to their communities in meaningful ways as they share their culture. Our goal is to help everyone see that diversity is beautiful and is more apart of our own region's culture than we may realize!

Do you want to join us on this journey? Click below to find out how!

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