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  • Nida Aley

A Pedacito of Breckenridge, Colorado

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Breckenridge, Colorado is a little ski town that most people haven't heard of, even though it’s tourist central. Ski season is when a lot of tourists visit the town and suddenly the rents skyrocket.

There’s a chairlift that carries you over the mountains and coursing rivers, giving you a bird’s eye view of the hills, the evergreens, and the colorful buildings in the main city.

The beautiful evergreens of Breckenridge, Colorado
The beautiful evergreens of Breckenridge, Colorado

For some reason, most of the town is closed outside of ski season, and wouldn’t you know it, when we visited it wasn’t ski season.

There was plenty to do, though. So many beautiful trails to walk, hike and bike on. Really good food and beautiful jewelry and geode sculptures.

We stopped for ice cream at Mountain Top Cookie Shop, they had a huge list of flavors and I had a hard time deciding what I wanted. I ended up going with some lavender and charcoal ice cream and it blew my mind. Their ice cream is home churned, with organic ingredients. Slightly on the pricey side but worth every penny.

The lavender and charcoal ice-cream at Mountain Top Cookie Shop was amazing
The lavender and charcoal ice-cream at Mountain Top Cookie Shop was amazing

We had dinner at Breckenridge Tap House and I may have gained several pounds. It’s a testament to how great their food is because I polished off an entire plate of roasted, cheesy brussel sprouts and I don’t even like Brussel Sprouts.

We also tried their truffle fries which were absolutely divine. The house beer was pretty yummy too and paired really well with the fries. We had lunch at The Blue Fish. I had *surprise* some grilled fish. It was good, but it’s hard to screw up fish. We also stopped at a restaurant for drinks at The Rock’n’Roll Cafe’ and I completely fell in love with their menu, paying homage to some of my favorite musicians.

Nature’s Own Breckenridge has the most beautiful geode sculptures and decoration pieces I have ever seen in my life. We spent an hour or two in that tiny store and still couldn't get enough of the gorgeousness.

There was an interesting art installation near the White River National Forest that was just fascinating to see, with fake rain clouds, emojis, and a giant sphere that played with sound waves.

A man playing the cello sat in the middle of the river on a giant rock. The water carried the sound waves so well and it was an indescribable experience. Nostalgia for someplace or time forgotten or not yet experienced, we all sat in awe, mesmerized as he played classical pieces, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Vivaldi.


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