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  • Kay Davis

A Pedacito Of Pescara, Italy

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

When one of my closest friends said he was getting married in the Abruzzo region of Italy, I knew I was going to do all I could to go. When he decided to drive with a few other friends from his home in Germany through Italy, making some stops along the way, I immediately began planning my trip to meet up with them somewhere along the way.

I flew to Bologna, where Al and my friend, Amy, picked me up at the airport on the drive to Pescara. The Italian city is on the eastern side of the country and situated along the Adriatic Sea. Known for its wine and seafood, the city is another Italian gem that is worth seeing and one I wasn’t really aware of prior to planning our trip.

We had planned to get there in the evening and spend two nights at a super cool Airbnb just a few blocks from the sea. Arriving at the property, I was in awe of the cool features of the home.

Our only full day in Pescara was filled with adventure, a lot of food, and wine. Our Airbnb host, Fabio, suggested a restaurant in the center of the city as a great lunch spot for our group of 7. He had called ahead to make sure they had a table ready for us.

Taverna 58 was everything I’ll ever want in an Italian restaurant. It’s cozy and obviously a place people come to not just for the food but for the overall atmosphere.

We were personally greeted upon our arrival and were taken to a large table in the back of the restaurant. The chef sent out so many amazing dishes for us, and the wine was flowing.

Across the restaurant, a group of businessmen was concluding their lunch, and a few couples were finishing up their meals as well. I was currently experiencing exactly what I expected a true Italian lunch would be.

After lunch, we did a little walking around town before it started raining again. We made our way back to the house to plan out our evening when Fabio invited us to come to his bar that evening.

The Temple Bar in Pescara is your traditional Irish Pub, with a lot of Italian flair. Although we had planned to just have a drink there then head to a restaurant for dinner, there was no need to head anywhere else that evening since the Temple Bar had a great food selection.

From a long antipasti list to several burger options, the food selections were great. So we hung out for hours talking to Fabio and learning more about how the bar is one of the city’s best.

After spending a couple of hours in the bar just chatting with each other and celebrating Al’s wedding a few days later, we made our way back to the “cool house” to continue our fun before leaving early the next morning a few hours south to the wedding location.

Although my time was short in Pescara, I was able to experience what I think is a very “local” experience from a long lunch with copious amounts of wine to a night in a fun bar with friends old and new. I’ve noted it as a “return” location and would love to spend more time there exploring the Centro and more shops and restaurants.

What place is on your “return list” so you can try and see all of the things you were unable to see on your first trip?


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