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A Pedacito of Santiago, Chile's Amazing Street Art

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I went to Santiago not knowing what I was getting myself into. I was hoping for some amazing hiking, tasty food, a whole bunch of Chilean wine, and a glimpse of the culture; I got these and more! Santiago was my second stop in my "tour de South America", which was my reward to myself after completing the craziest project I have ever worked on - Star Wars: Rise of The Resistance. If you're not familiar with theme parks or project management, I'll spare you the blood, sweat, and tears story and just tell you that I EARNED THIS TRIP!

My trip was in January of 2019 so it was the height of Summer in Chile and it was soooooo hot! If you read my post about accommodations and what "air conditioning" means, I was referring to my experience in the private apartment in Santiago. When I posted that I was heading to Chile from Peru I got several messages from my friends asking me if I lost my mind.

As the ignorant American who doesn't watch the news so that he's not aware of how messed up the world is all the time, I had no idea there were public demonstrations going on. That's worth its own story, and it will get it, but it's worth mentioning because lots of the street art I want to share with you is politically motivated and it might seem crazy without that context.

Most of these photos were taken near Barrio Yungay in Santiago, Chile. This was my morning activity for the day and I was led by Pablo the "graffiti hunter". He was an excellent guide and helped me navigate to all the must-see spots to capture the images you see. Check out his website:

Do you like street art? Let me know which of these were your favorites. I've got much more art to share from Santiago and other amazing locations around the globe. And of course, if you have any questions about Santiago, shoot me a message!


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