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  • Kay Davis

A Pedacito Of Sunsets

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

What is it about a sunset that makes most of us relax and smile? Is it the colors in the sky or the promise that no matter what happened during the day, the sun setting offers a new start?

I am a sucker for a good sunset. On the beach, over a city skyline, or setting behind an iconic building, it doesn’t matter. There is beauty in everyone I am lucky enough to witness.

As we celebrate sunsets here at Pedacitos blog, I took a few minutes to scroll through my photos to see what I’ve captured over the years. Most of the photos are from my phone, capturing that one moment that spoke to me due to the colors in the sky and the peaceful feeling I had at that time.

From the 30th floor of my building, I have seen the sunset behind the iconic Superdome in New Orleans countless times. It never gets old and the photos are gorgeous. However, they never are able to fully capture how magnificent the colors can be on a clear night.

Meanwhile, I have managed to snap photos of quite a few sunsets from the beaches along the Gulf Coast. There’s something so calming about watching the sunset along the brilliant blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It really cannot be beaten.

Recently, one of the most beautiful sunsets I saw was the night after Hurricane Laura hit Lake Charles, Louisiana. There was a promise that seemed to be there after Mother Nature wreaked so much havoc on this area in the hours prior.

Sunset on Lake Charles
Sunset on Lake Charles

Traveling around the country, and the world, I’ve been able to see unique sunsets in some pretty awesome locations. From Mexico to Italy, and points in between, I’ve been fortunate to see the sun setting in some amazing locations.

While the sun setting is normally the “end” of the day and “start” of the night, I often look at them as a new beginning. What did I accomplish during the daylight hours that can carry on through the evening? What do I want to do in the nighttime that I was unable to do during the day?

I love to just sit and soak in those few moments where the light hits just right and think how lucky I am to witness another beautiful sunset.

Is there a favorite place for your sunset watching? Is there a remarkable sunset that you just cannot forget about? Let us know in the comments below.


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Michael Acevedo
Michael Acevedo
Jul 14, 2021

Sunsets are the best form of therapy...

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