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A Pedacito Of The Land Of Beautiful Sunsets, Georgia

Have you ever seen different colors in the sky during sunset? Have you seen different colors every time sunset rolls around?

Another beautiful Georgian sunset
Another beautiful Georgian sunset

I was visiting Georgia (a country) in 2016 for a shoot. That was my first trip abroad. I was excited and nervous about it. One of the reasons was the language barrier. Russian and Georgian are the native languages there. Only a few people can speak or understand English. However, I communicated using sign language and Google!

Thanking humans for Google!

Being a vegetarian, I was worried about how I would survive. What if there isn't any decent vegetarian food or a Subway nearby?!

Subway has been a savior for me for years, whenever I visit a new country.

Georgia is a very beautiful country full of history, beaches, landscapes, fancy clothes, super-tasty food, good quality dairy, pulses, and fruits.

That's how I survived!

Me, with the directors in Georgia
Me, with the directors in Georgia

I stayed in Batumi and Tbilisi, and got a chance to visit the Rustavi International Motorpark race track!

Batumi is a small town on the coast of the Black Sea.

The architecture is a combination of European and Asian styles, towers, statues, and buildings created by some brilliant architects. This is especially visible at night when the majority of the buildings are lit up.

From my hotel room's balcony, I could see the beautiful sky. It was the most fascinating sight ever.

The beach was 10 minutes' walking distance from my hotel. So I would take a walk to the beach every evening with my earphones plugged in. On my way, I could see the whole of Batumi.

Local shopkeeper lady who doesn't understand my language but was always so kind to cooperate and give me the stuff I wanted to buy, the local shop was full of beautiful white bridal gowns. I'd never seen it until now. Shops selling super-ripe fruits, Khaja puri—a must-eat local delicacy, and an abundance of pizza. Everyone loves pizza, it seems.

I would sit on the beach and look at the sky in the evening. I had never seen such a beautiful sky before, full of orange, blue, purple, black, violet and so many other colors.

Me with co-actors in Georgia
Me with co-actors in Georgia

To my amazement, even though people don't understand English or Hindi, they are huge fans of the Super Star of Indian Cinema- Mithun Charkraborty, who is very popular for 'Jimmy Jimmy' song. Whenever I interacted with locals and told them I was from India, they would start singing the "Jimy Jimy" song.

Song for reference: https://youtu.be/ZUdJQSUcK_Y

The magical views of Tbilisi
The magical views of Tbilisi

Also, the Indian television show 'Balika Vadhu' was very popular there. The show is based on child marriages in India, which was dubbed into Russian or Georgian, I couldn't understand it.

Show reference: https://youtu.be/lW0Kx6AcbeI

My next visit was to the Rustavi International Motorpark race track. It was the first time I had been on a racecourse. Apart from racing cars, I saw a lot of unique car designs there. How exciting! Right!

From there, I moved to Tbilisi. I stayed there for 15 days.

Tbilisi is the capital city and one of the best cities in Georgia to visit! It is surrounded by hills and mountains.

One of the best ways to appreciate this unique place is to wander the streets of Tbilisi.

Georgia is a mix of modern and old