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  • Melissa Lipari

American Adventures Month: 3 Must-See Travel Destinations In The U.S.

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

You don’t need to leave the country to have an unforgettable travel experience. For our community members who live in the Americas, we wanted to shed light on 3 must-see destinations in the United States for American Adventures Month.

American Adventures Month is observed each August after being founded by the famous traveler, Peter Kulkkula.

What exactly is American Adventures Month, you might ask? Aside from being a time to celebrate domestic travel, it’s also an encouragement to find your own adventure without feeling the need to hop on several flights to do so.

Kulkkula promoted taking time for yourself to travel and explore new avenues of life, even if that means simply visiting a new town in your home state.

American Adventures Month is observed every August
American Adventures Month is observed every August

To celebrate travel within our home state or country, we are rounding up a few cities that are can’t-miss locations for domestic travel. If you’re itching for more recommendations, you can check out our recent blog on “The Best Places to Travel During the Summer” which features several other domestic options for both the perennial and beginner traveler.

For more domestic recommendations, read our blog on “The Best Places to Travel During the Summer”
For more domestic recommendations, read our blog on “The Best Places to Travel During the Summer”

Miami, Florida

Described as a “coastal metropolis” and the “Magic City”- Miami is the mecca for art deco, modern architecture, and beautiful beaches. Miami has been a global and domestic travel destination for decades, especially for the younger generation. It seems like Miami and Spring Break go hand-in-hand every year.

If you’re looking to check out Miami’s art, there are some wonderful museums that the city is known for. The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Pérez Art Museum Miami, and my personal favorite, the Wynwood Walls are just a few must-see artistic attractions. Little Havana is also notable for its vibrant Cuban culture and art.

If you’re coming strictly for the beaches, you’ll want to check out the infamous South Beach area in Miami. This public beach has been the backdrop for movies and TV shows for decades.

You can also try your hand at some water sports while you’re visiting the Magic City, like jet-skiing or parasailing. Deep-Sea Fishing is also extremely popular in the Miami area and is affordable with a large group.

As for dining and nightlife, I highly recommend checking out The Onyx Bar. For fashion lovers, this building was once owned by Gianna Versace and was his private estate. I won’t lie, the mansion-turned hotel is quite exclusive, but where else can you go to grab a glass of wine in a coveted fashion designer’s home?

Miami is the ideal domestic location for beaches and modern art
Miami is the ideal domestic location for beaches and modern art

Denali, Alaska

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the beautiful wilderness of Alaska, that everyone should venture to. We have had a wonderful piece from Pedacitos Stories on winter in Alaska published recently, so it’s only right that we share more about this lush state.

For our nature lovers, Alaska is the ideal destination to hike, see some grizzly bears, and witness some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It’s also one of the only places in the U.S. to check out glaciers, like the Hubbard Glaciers and Glacier Bay National Park.

Alaska is also full of wildlife, with hundreds of National Parks that protect the nature of Alaska and the animals that inhabit these ecosystems. Some notable National Parks are Kenai Fjords, Katmai, and Wrangell-St. Elias.

While I’ve never personally been to Alaska, I will say there are some bucket-list-worthy attractions in this state. Specifically, the Denali Mountains and National Preserve.

The Denali Mountains are the tallest mountain range in America, sitting at 20,310 feet above sea level. I might be afraid of heights, but could you imagine reaching that summit? Amazing!

 Alaska is the perfect travel destination for wilderness lovers and hikers
Alaska is the perfect travel destination for wilderness lovers and hikers

New York, New York

Now, I might be slightly biased since I was born in New York and went to college there, but I would say New York City is probably the best travel destination in the United States. It’s the city that’s so nice, they had to name it twice!

There are thousands of things to do in New York City- I’ve been there millions of times and I still have new restaurants, art galleries, and stores to experience each visit.

From a tourist’s perspective, there are a few staple attractions in NYC. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is without a doubt, the best art museum in the states. If you can squeeze in some time to see a Broadway show, it’s an unforgettable experience for people of all ages.

If you’re a sports fanatic or concert lover, Madison Square Garden is the venue to watch basketball, hockey, or see your favorite artist/band. And, Central Park is the most beautiful backdrop for a picnic or some exercise.

Going off the traditional tourist books, I have a few recommendations that I think anyone would love to explore. One being, the Guggenheim Museum or the Museum of Modern Art. Both are incredibly notable but are not as fawned over as the MET. If you’re a modern art fan, you’re going to adore both museums.

If you’re going to NYC, you better be ready to do 2 things: eat and shop (and sweat on the subway if you’re going during the summer months). Pop into Blue Ribbon Sushi on Sullivan Street for some unforgettable rolls or I Sodi on Christopher Street for a little taste of Tuscany.

As for shopping, SoHo is always my go-to spot for its wide range of stores and flagship locations, but the Brooklyn Flea is also amazing for some vintage finds!

New York City is the ultimate U.S. vacation spot for its food and culture
New York City is the ultimate U.S. vacation spot for its food and culture

We hope that this Pedacitos Tips blog entices you to find a slice of adventure in the United States. There are so many amazing destinations right in our backyard, this list is only scratching the surface. Carpe Diem and celebrate some local travel during August for American Adventures Month!


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