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Important Gear To Carry While Trekking Himachal Pradesh, India

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Do you love the mountains? Obviously, you do. Like anyone, I am sure that you adore nature, scenic views, cold breezes, peace, and greenery.

The right gear is imperative in order to successfully trek Himachal Pradesh
The right gear is imperative in order to successfully trek Himachal Pradesh

I have been visiting mountains since my childhood. But one thing remained constant: my motion sickness! When you love the mountains and suffer from motion sickness, traveling to a hill station can be very challenging. Thank you, God, for the medication.

In 2019, I was coming back to India from the United States when my friends called me and informed me about the 5-day Sarpass trek in Himachal Pradesh. And I instantly decided to go.

I took a train from Mumbai to Delhi. Then, from Delhi, I took another bus to Kasol. The trip was organized by a travel company. From there, I went into a camp organized by our trek team.

Himachal is the home of so many hill stations, including Spiti, Dalhousie, Kasauli, Kulu, Shimla, Solan, Dharamshala, Kufri, Chail, and Kinnaur. It is also full of treks that will take you through meandering streams, rivers, mixed dense forests, etc.

A five-day trek sounds so exciting, but it needs a lot of preparation. In this blog, I will share a list of gear that you must carry while trekking at high altitudes.

Comfortable Shoes For Trekking

You can’t compromise on shoes. Climbing mountains or going on a trek requires proper trekking shoes. Usually, these shoes are a bit expensive. If you do not wish to invest, you can easily rent trek shoes from the shopkeepers in Kasol.

When trekking Himachal Pradesh, be sure to wear comfortable shoes
When trekking Himachal Pradesh, be sure to wear comfortable shoes

A Supportive Backpack

A 50-60 liter backpack is required for a 5-day trek. Check that your backpack has adequate hip and shoulder support, as well as quick-access pockets.

Decathlon, Adventure Worx, and Wildcraft are some of the good brands of backpacks.

However, if you don't wish to invest money in the bag pack, it's available for rental as well.

Sweat-Proof Clothing

Wear sweat-proof clothing as the first layer, such as a t-shirt and trek pants, so that you can work in both the hot sun and the snow. Initially, while climbing up, it can get too sweaty, and the cold is the most difficult aspect of a high-altitude trek. And layering is the best way to combat the cold.

In the mountains, layers provide maximum protection and flexibility. And, as the weather changes in the mountains (which happens every few hours), you remove or add layers as needed. Avoid wearing shorts.

UV Blocking Sunglasses

Once you reach a high altitude, i.e., 13,800 ft., UV rays are very harmful to the naked eyes. Carry a pair of UV-ray sunglasses in order to avoid any kind of damage to the eyes.

Protective Sunscreen

As you climb upwards towards the high altitude, your skin comes into contact with UV rays, which are very harmful to the skin. Cover yourself in full-sleeved clothes even if you feel hot, and cover your head with a cap all the time.

A cozy sleeping-bag will make the cold nights bearable in Himachal Pradesh
A cozy sleeping-bag will make the cold nights bearable in Himachal Pradesh

I remember that while coming back and finishing the trek, it was very hot. I was wearing a half-sleeved t-shirt when my skin got burnt and the tan lasted for 2 months.

Head Flashlights

While going on the trek, you will need headlights. Why? Imagine going to the loo at night! No lights! So that you can use the nearby washroom without any mishap. After all, these are mountains.

A Stidrdy Trekking/Hiking Stick

Trekking poles provide balance and stability. They help you save nearly 40% of your energy. There are steep ascents and descents on any Himalayan trek. A good pair of trekking poles can make the difference between a pleasant and arduous hike.

For the Sarpass trek, we usually only use one trekking pole. You can also use two trekking poles as per your comfort and requirements.

Rain-Proof Clothing

The weather on the Sarpass trek can change quickly. In a matter of minutes, a bright sunny day can turn into a downpour. To deal with this, bring a poncho or a rain jacket. It's very useful because it protects both you and your backpack. It is extremely light and only weighs a few ounces.

Plenty Of Fresh Water

Carrying two bottles of water may not be enough, but it is advisable as you will be carrying a lot of luggage as well. On your way, you will find rivers where you can fill bottles again and again.

Once you reach the highest altitude on the 4th evening, make sure to conserve water. On the fourth day, there is ice. Once the ice melts, the same water is used for drinking.

Lunch Box And Required Cutlery

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, you will be staying in the camps. Those camps will serve your meals. For that, carry one lunch box, one spoon, and one small glass to drink chai. Please remember that you are required to wash your own utensils and plastic is discouraged in order to protect the environment.

Toilettries & Personal Hygeine

Carry lots of toilet paper, as for a few days you may not find water either. Women should carry sanitary napkins or tampons even if they have their periods. If you are not physically active or are going on a trek after a very long time, this is mandatory for women. Nothing to worry about. Just take precautions and have fun.

Beginning the Sarpass trek, Himachal Pradesh
Beginning the Sarpass trek, Himachal Pradesh

Sarpass trek is a magical place that I definitely recommend. On the 5-day trek, you will witness the spectacular beauty of mountains, greenery, rivers, and snow.


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Michael Acevedo
Michael Acevedo
Jan 31, 2022

Great tips and amazing adventure! I hope to be able to go here one day!! Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown member
Feb 23, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much for the feature Michael. I shall share across the social media

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