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Protecting Our Coasts: Clean Beaches Week 2021

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

It's Clean Beaches Week! Every year from July 1st to 7th, the United States nationally recognizes this week to encourage the protection of our oceans and coasts. It was started by the Clean Beaches Coalition, a network of coastal organizations dedicated to promoting clean, healthy beaches around the world. Today, we want to help spread this important message in light of the environmental crises we see currently happening.

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Photo courtesy of Storyteller Emmy in Bali, Indonesia

In recent days, we’ve seen several significant climate events happen around the globe. In the Gulf of Mexico, an oil pipeline burst and the water was in flames. The heatwave in the Pacific Northwest is causing the biggest glacier melt in centuries in Washington State. Scientists are tracking deadly microplastics threatening marine and freshwater wildlife from satellites in space. But this is only a small fraction of events happening all over the world.

The reality is, the environmental crisis is a public health concern. If we don’t protect our environment, especially our oceans, we start to see rises in diseases, cancer, shortened lifespans, neurological disorders, developmental disorders; the list goes on.

Whether you live near a large body of water or not, the state of our oceans affects everyone. Microplastics that make their way from our communities to the ocean eventually find their way back to us again. The seafood we consume is sustained off of an environment that is full of these plastics. This is a global problem, but there are things we can do to help.

Already, organizations and programs around the globe are fighting the effects of climate change to help preserve the world as we know it today. Scientists and researchers are creating alternative, more sustainable processes that lessen our environmental impact. In honor of Clean Beaches Week this year, we want to share a few ways you can help do your part protecting our oceans and coasts.

  • Donate – Donating is a great way to help support organizations so they have the financial support to accomplish their missions.

  • Become a volunteer – Plenty of programs are looking for volunteers to help support organizational efforts like cleanups and fundraising events. You can find local organizations or get involved with larger initiatives.

  • Participate in an event – There are plenty of events that donate all proceeds to organizations dedicated to protecting our oceans. For example, Adidas Runtastic hosts “Run for the Oceans: Unite and Run to Help End Plastic Waste” every year and everyone can be involved. You can learn more about it here.

  • Do your part – There are things we can all do every day to lessen our environmental footprint and take better care of our communities. When visiting a beach, make sure to clean up any garbage you leave behind.

Now more than ever, we need to come together and unite as a community to protect our oceans and coasts around the world. Stay tuned for Storyteller Emmy’s article about her experience volunteering for a beach cleanup in Bali, Indonesia!


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