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Yves Bouele Founder Of The African Leaders Council In Orlando Catalyzes Positive Cultural Exchanges

Yves Bouele stands as a bridge between cultures. Born and raised in the French part of Cameroon, Africa, Yves belongs to the Duala ethnic group, a vital portion of the Sawabantu or “Coastal People.”

Yves Bouele is the founder of the African Leaders Council in Orlando, Florida FusionFest

After relocating to the United States to pursue his degree in Applied Mathematics, Yves now works as a Software Engineer and sits on the African Leaders Council in Orlando. Yves is determined to share his rich cultural heritage with the Central Florida community at this year’s FusionFest annual festival, embodying the belief that everything happens for a reason and we are all here to serve a purpose.

Yves Bouele’s story is one of cultural intersection and personal growth. Born and raised in the French part of Cameroon, he hails from the Duala ethnic group, a Bantu people deeply ingrained in the coastal regions of Central Africa.

In 1993, Yves made the courageous decision to move to the United States to pursue a degree in Applied Mathematics. His journey took him far from his African roots, but the experiences he gathered in his homeland would continue to shape his perspective and guide him in his new life.

After years of living in Florida, and noticing a need to harness the resources needed to support other immigrants from the African continent, Yves helped found the African Leaders Council.

Established in 2015, the council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “supporting U.S. citizens and permanent residents of African descent through various programs, including social, health, education, cultural, and economic initiatives. The council provides support through workshops, community outreach, and conferences, enhancing the lives of individuals across Florida.”

African Leaders Council in Orlando Florida Yves Bouele FusionFest

In Yves' culture, the belief that everything happens for a reason and that each individual has a unique purpose holds profound importance. This belief is reflected in his work with the African Leaders Council and his involvement with FusionFest.

“The Sawa people are fishermen. They are good at getting resources from the sea. But, at the same time, they must also rely on people who work the land, in order to be whole. My people believe that, though we each serve a different purpose, we are all important. That is the culture that I bring. That is the attitude that I live by.”

Above all, Yves is a baptized member of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Christ Universal School of Practical Christianity, a spiritual upbringing that has kept him living a harmonious life far away from home.

Yves Bouele sees FusionFest as an opportunity to share the rich cultural heritage of his homeland and the diverse African communities with a broader audience. His participation at the festival is rooted in the idea that cultural exchange can be a two-way street, and he wants African immigrants to think about what they can give to their communities in Florida, rather than just what they can gain.

As an integral part of FusionFest, Yves embodies the idea that diversity is the heart of unity. He envisions the festival as a platform where attendees can immerse themselves in the cultural richness of Africa and engage with the stories, traditions, and experiences of African communities. His role at the festival, serving as this year’s cultural photo meetup curator, is a testament to his belief in giving back to his community and using cultural exchange as a means to connect people from all backgrounds.

Mr. Bouele’s mission at FusionFest is clear: to share the diverse cultural heritage of Africa and foster a deeper understanding of the African experience. He believes that through cultural exchange, individuals can break down barriers and build stronger, more inclusive communities.

Yves’ journey from Cameroon to the United States, coupled with his role on the African Leaders Council and his participation at FusionFest, exemplifies the power of cultural exchange and the belief that each individual has a unique purpose in their community. Through storytelling, art, and shared experiences, Yves seeks to bridge cultural divides, break down barriers, and foster unity among diverse communities.

As we anticipate FusionFest 2023, let Yves Bouele’s story serve as an inspiration for the transformative power of cultural exchange and the importance of giving back to our communities. In a world that often highlights differences, FusionFest offers a platform for celebrating what unites us as human beings and embracing the beauty of our shared cultural heritage.


This story is proudly brought to you in partnership with FusionFest. Together, FusionFest and Pedacitos believe in the power of storytelling as a way to celebrate and amplify the diverse voices within our communities. FusionFest is also the name of the incredible two-day multicultural event held in the heart of Downtown Orlando every Thanksgiving weekend.

This FREE event showcases some of the many ways culture can be displayed and shared, including through music, art, food, fashion, and more! Their mission extends beyond this once-a-year event with opportunities for the community to engage and learn through curated cultural events throughout the year.

FusionFest Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to celebrate the people and the many different cultures that make Central Florida awesome by showcasing talents, sharing stories, driving innovation and building community based on respect and understanding. FusionFest is a project of the Orange County Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.

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